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Caprivi Adventures

Caprivi Adventures - Fishing


If a great fishing experience is what you are after, you’re one step closer! Be it landing the legendary and exhilarating Tigerfish, or the mystical Nembwe or any of the other array of Bream and Catfish species is what you are after... Caprivi Adventures is sure to offer you the best chance of realising that dream! We have very passionate and experienced guides for whom fishing is their life and not just a job, they will go out of their way to make it a memorable experience for both the novice and experienced anglers.


If Tigerfish is what you are after, the upper Zambezi River around Katima Mulilo will be our main focus. This stretch of river is famous for large Tigerfish in excess of 8KG and offers some excellent fishing at the Wenela rapids, Sikunga channel and other rock beds close by. For Nembwe and other Bream or Catfish species, fishing will take place on the main stream and many backwaters of the breathtaking Kwando River. If the increasingly popular artlure species angling is what you are after, fishing the Kwando River with Caprivi Adventures will almost guarantee an unbelievable artlure experience. We also offer a one of a kind Quito River fishing package where Nembwe are still plentiful and big! And if all of this sounds like something you would like, we package all three river together for one amazing freshwater fishing experience.


The Tigerfish season in our area ranges from April to January with peak times being from June to August and from December to mid- January. For Bream species, June to December offers the best chances of success.

Please send us your preferences below and we will get back to you with a personalised day’s fishing or multiday itinerary for a truly memorable Caprivi Adventures fishing experience to meet your budget.

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