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Caprivi Adventures

Caprivi Adventures - Birding


The Zambezi Region of Namibia offers a variety of habitats for birders and therefore also a big variety of birds. Caprivi Adventures offers the birder a chance to explore the birding areas by both land and water.


It is a true birders' paradise with over 400 species recorded for the region, and it definitely, has something to offer both novice and expert birders. From November to March there is also an abundance of migrant birds in the region. Look out for Schallows Turaco, African Finfoot, White Backed Night Heron, and Pels Fishing owl to name just a few.


If it is a specific bird you are after, or perhaps an array of species you would like to come and see, let Caprivi Adventures’ experienced guides and top birders tailor-make a birding itinerary for you.

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